Neuroscience reveals rat telepathy

Our clients often tell us how amazing they find the neurofeedback process. Instantaneous guidance by brain activity? Changing brain activity based on rewards? Exciting new neuroscience research takes this several steps further. Imagine having your behavior guided by someone else's brain! Here is the study: two rats have tiny electrodes implanted in the part of their brain that governs motor responses. The rats are on two separate continents. In their cages are two levers, each with a light above. Both rats [...]

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Traumatic brain injury: Football and boxing, sure. But soccer?

There’s lots of buzz about the risk of concussion in football. Some interesting solutions are being studied, like a football helmet with built in sensors that measure the force of impacts and can signal the need to assess for concussion. Another great solution is the routine use of computerized neuropsychological tests, before any injury to serve as a baseline comparison, and then after a blow to the head to detect traumatic brain injury. Testing is done before the athletic season begins to establish [...]

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