Brain injury assessment with neuropsychological testing:

For a careful brain injury assessment, you will need comprehensive neuropsychological testing.  Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships. Everything we do is governed by the brain, whether we are awake or asleep, at work or at play, learning a new skill or practicing a familiar routine. Just like differences in body shape and size, there are important individual differences in how each individual brain functions.  We each have a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses in brain function.

A comprehensive psychological evaluation can help identify your areas of difficulty and your strengths after a brain injury. This knowledge will help you harness your strengths to move forward in your life.  At the NeuroDevelopment Center, we will work with you to complete a careful neuropsychological assessment to provide you with this key to understanding and improvement. We use many different tests to look carefully at:

  • intelligence
  • language
  • perceptual and visual-spatial abilities
  • speed of processing
  • memory
  • learning
  • attention

  • problem solving
  • conceptualization
  • planning and organization
  • mental flexibility
  • motor skills
  • academic abilities
  • emotional  and social functioning
One month after you have completed your testing, you will meet with your neuropsychologist to review the brain injury assessment report. We write our reports so that YOU understand. They are jargon free, written in no-nonsense everyday language. We pay careful attention to the test results.  But these results will be integrated to give you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses.  Most important of all, you will receive clear, practical recommendations for treatment. A neuropsychological assessment at the NeuroDevelopment Center will be the first step on your path forward.

Sports concussion assessment and management with the ImPACT computerized neuropsychological test battery:

You have probably being hearing about it in the media. Sadly, concussions are just a fact of life in competitive sports. Often, there are no lasting effects from the injury. But it is critically important to correctly diagnose the injury and manage the recovery process so that recovery is complete. In our concussion assessment and management program, we use the ImPACT computerized neuropsychological test battery – the most widely used and scientifically proven computerized test available.  Five of our psychologists are trained in use of ImPACT, making us the largest provider in southern New England.

It is best for you to complete the ImPACT test prior to the beginning of your sport season. That way we have your scores on several different mental skills prior to any injury that may occur. If you suffer a concussion, we will repeat this test immediately after your injury. This will help you know the seriousness of your injury. Repeated tests will then help us decide together with you when you are ready to return to play.