Do you struggle to learn? You need comprehensive learning disabilities testing.

If you have difficulty learning, you need to understand the problem and move ahead with practical solutions. All learning is complex and involves attention, visual and auditory information processing, memory, problem solving and motor output. That’s why comprehensive neuropsychological learning disabilities testing is needed to help you solve the puzzle.

Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships. Everything we do is governed by the brain, whether we are learning a new skill or practicing a familiar one. Just like differences in body shape and size, there are important individual differences in how each individual brain functions. We each have a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses in brain function. This profile can be the key to a better understanding of the difficulties you face and to more effective and efficient solutions. At the NeuroDevelopment Center, we will work with you to complete careful neuropsychological learning disabilities testing. This gives you this key to understanding and improvement. We use many different tests to look carefully at:

  • intelligence
  • language
  • perceptual and visual-spatial abilities
  • speed of processing
  • memory
  • learning
  • attention
  • problem solving
  • conceptualization
  • planning and organization
  • mental flexibility
  • motor skills
  • academic abilities
  • emotional  and social functioning

Our learning disabilities testing: you get a prompt jargon-free evaluation report with clear and practical recommendations.

One month after your learning disabilities testing is completed, you will meet with your neuropsychologist to review the assessment report.  Our reports are written so that YOU understand. They are jargon free, written in no-nonsense everyday language. We pay careful attention to test results. But these results will be integrated to give you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses.  Most important of all, you will receive practical recommendations for treatment. Neuropsychological testing of learning disabilities at the NeuroDevelopment Center will be the first step on your path forward.

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