At the NeuroDevelopment Center, we have decades of experience with autism spectrum assessment.

Kids with autism spectrum disorder and Aspergers are not all alike. Some may behave and interact well with an interested adult in a quiet office.  We have seen many kids with autism spectrum disorder or Aspergers misdiagnosed or unrecognized for years. Parents and teachers are left in the dark and the child does not get the help he needs.  We have seen many whose difficulties were not understood until they came to us as adults. That’s why a specialized, comprehensive autism spectrum assessment is so important.

At the NeuroDevelopment Center, you will have our broad experience with autism spectrum assessment and Aspergers assessment to help you understand your child’s struggles. We will use specialized tests that are designed to measure social and emotional functioning compared to typically developing peers. We will work carefully with you to understand all of the difficulties your child faces in life and get to the bottom of it.  All of this takes time. You will get the time you need to get your questions answered fully.

A key part of the evaluation is to identify the solutions that are the right ones for your child and your family. When we review the results with you, we will be sure to answer all of your questions.   What matters most to us is that YOU understand the problem and the path forward. Because its only when you understand the problem that can you change it.

Diagnostic evaluation

The first step is a careful diagnostic autism spectrum assessment. This will involve:

  • a thorough interview with you
  • specialized measures of social functioning
  • an observation and interview of the child in the office or in school
  • a prompt, jargon-free report written so you understand
  • recommendations for practical steps you can take to move forward toward lasting change

For adults, when autism spectrum disorder or Aspergers is in question, it is also helpful to talk to your parents if they are available, to learn about your early development.

Neuropsychological assessment

For older children, adolescents, and adults, when you are concerned about learning and thinking processes, a full neuropsychological assessment may be needed. We will use many different tests to look carefully at:

  • Intelligence
  • language
  • perceptual and visual-spatial abilities
  • speed of processing
  • memory
  • learning
  • attention
  • problem solving
  • conceptualization<
  • planning and organization
  • mental flexibility
  • motor skills
  • academic abilities
  • emotional  and social functioning

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