Specialized, thorough ADD and ADHD testing

An ADHD assessment at the NeuroDevelopment Center is thorough. We will take the time necessary to understand the problem completely with specialized ADD and ADHD testing. There is no single ADHD test. Instead we will use several measures of ADHD symptoms. Then we will discuss the whole range of ADD and ADHD treatment options to find the solution that is right for you and your family.

What matters most is that you understand. That you know what to do to make things better. That you are confident that our treatment plan is the right one for you and your family.

Neuropsychological assessment

The symptoms of ADHD and ADD can have other causes – anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and even some medical conditions. Treatment is effective only if you know the real cause. Two-thirds of kids with ADHD have other problems as well: with learning, anxiety, mood, behavior, or even family circumstances or stressors.  For a complete treatment plan, you need to address all of these areas.  In our comprehensive neuropsychological ADD and ADHD testing at the NeuroDevelopment Center, we will evaluate all of these important areas and get to the bottom of it. The we will work with you to develop a carefully individualized treatment plan with practical workable solutions. 

Focused assessment

Sometimes, the picture is much more simple. There are no other sources for the symptoms, and no other areas of difficulty. Focused ADD and ADHD testing is all that is required. In a focused ADD or ADHD assessment, we will use several ADHD tests. We will evaluate attention, activity level, and self control. A focused assessment like this is much shorter and can usually be scheduled and completed with very little delay. In order to know which assessment is necessary, we ask that you take about 45 minutes to complete and an online survey. Your answers to these questions will allow us to decide which type of assessment is best for you and your child.

Nutrition matters in ADHD

 salmonThere is increasing evidence that what your child eats has an impact on his or her attention. Recent studies suggest that for some kids, food additives and certain food allergies can contribute to ADHD symptoms. Research has shown that some children show improved attention when a systematic elimination diet is followed. In this way, you are able to discover any foods that may be contributing to attention problems. Studies have also shown that high protein diets and supplementation with Omega 3 fatty acids can help improve attention.

Exercise matters too

There is also increasing evidence that it is important to get enough vigorous exercise to sustain attention and self control. In fact, some schools have begin to incorporate daily aerobic exercise for all students. Imagine: a treadmill in the classroom. Reports have shown improved attention, more rapid learning, and much better behavior.

In our ADD and ADHD testing, we will look at all of these important factors.

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