Meet Noah: His non verbal learning disorder led to struggles at school

Noah’s Mom described her son’s experience with neurofeedback:

“My son has non verbal learning disorder and attention issues as well as social pragmatic deficits and sensory integration dysfunction. We had pursued vision therapy and…occupational therapy and had made gains…but we were still struggling with the attentional deficits, impulsivity, and social pragmatic issues.

Neurofeedback has helped Noah make incredible progress in his ability to organize himself. He is now able to get himself dressed with little or no management. He is coping successfully in a regular education classroom setting. He is exercising judgment and is not as easily led into disruptive or confrontational situations. He is calmer and has even been known to sit through an entire dinner with little movement. We are very pleased with his progress and plan to continue the therapy.”

C.Z., Barrington, RI

Meet Dan: Better emotional control with neurofeedback

learning disabilities

Josh’s Mom described her son’s experience with neurofeedback:

“My son is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with non verbal learning disorder. He was challenged every day to control his emotions and manage his frustrations with everyday situations. He would become very upset when he perceived situations as unfair or negative…He would become overly aggressive, (showed) ragelike behavior, and (was) extremely defiant to everyone.

After approximately 10 sessions of neurofeedback, we began to see a difference. He is now handling the same situations with grace. He is handling the loss of football games and recess at school without incident. He is a better friend and is in better control of his emotions.”

C.L., North Providence, RI

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