Real story of biofeedback for migraine treatment: Meet Alice

Alice had had monthly migraines linked to her menstrual cycle every year for more than a decade. They were severe and lasted for a day or two. Her life stopped. She could not work. Pain medication helped some but still the pain was paralyzing. Alice had tried many forms of treatment, but still the migraines plagued her.

Alice was treated with neurofeedback at the NeuroDevelopment Center. She had a total of eight 30 minute sessions of neurofeedback migraine treatment.  Her migraines disappeared.  And stayed gone. Recently we contacted Alice seven years after her treatment ended for follow up. We wanted to know if the treatment lasted. Here is what Alice wrote seven years after ending treatment with neurofeedback:

“I believe the last time I was treated in your office was 2005. I have been relatively migraine-free, with the exception of the 2-3 months following each pregnancy, in which sleep deprivation certainly played a role as well. I cannot recall the last time I had a migraine and have sung the praises of your services multiple times to fellow migraine sufferers, as well as parents and sufferers of OCD, ASD, and ADHD. I can’t thank you enough.”
A.S., Attleboro, MA
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