You are not alone: Real stories of neurofeedback therapy.

Here you’ll read the stories of people like you who came to us hoping for a lasting solution to their struggles. Many had tried medication or therapy for years to overcome depression and mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety or PTSD, migraines, brain injury, and other psychological disorders.  Some parents came to us for help for their children who were diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. As you’ll read here, there is hope for real and lasting change with neurofeedback therapy.

One child's story:

'The results with neurofeedback have been amazing. My son now looks at the world in a totally different perspective. The glass is now half full, not empty.' -- S. F., Foxboro, MA.

You can find hope, after years of failed treatment – with neurofeedback therapy.

mary neurofeedback therapy
Mary struggled with anxiety and depression since early adulthood. Her life was a revolving door of one therapy after another. She was being treated by the best specialists around. Cognitive behavioral therapy did not help. Nor did the seemingly endless stream of “let’s give this drug a try” medications and combinations. Mary’s life was completely stalled. Strained relationships, lapses of unemployment, and financial troubles were not making her mood any better. Mary came to the NeuroDevelopment Center without much hope for success with neurofeedback therapy. Now she is glad she did…Learn more.

Our promise to you.

neurofeedback training agreementWe measure treatment outcome with every neurofeedback client. We will measure yours. We will use well-established psychological tests to measure your symptoms before and after twenty neurofeedback sessions. You will see your progress, in black and white.

Our treatment outcome data, gathered over more than ten years, show that 70% – 80% of neurofeedback clients show significant improvement after their first twenty sessions.

We make this promise in writing, with every neurofeedback client: You will see significant improvement, as measured by accepted psychological tests. If you don’t, we will continue to provide treatment, without charge, for another twenty sessions.

Neurofeedback is FDA approved for relaxation.