Why choose us for your neurofeedback treatment?

There are other neurofeedback treatment providers. Some may be more conveniently located. Some may have lower fees. So why should you choose to work with us?

Top Ten Reasons to Choose the NeuroDevelopment Center

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Our promise to you: If you do not obtain significant improvement after 20 sessions of neurofeedback treatment, we will continue to work with you for another twenty sessions, at no charge. We make this promise in writing!
We use research-proven measures of your difficulties before you begin your neurofeedback treatment and after 20 sessions so that you can see your improvement as clearly as possible.
Our program is directed by Laurence M. Hirshberg, Ph.D., Brown University Medical School faculty, published expert in neurofeedback treatment, recognized as a Fellow and awarded the Presidents Award for Distinguished Achievement by the International neurofeedback professional organization.
Experience matters to you. Our experience is unmatched. Our program is the largest in New England. We have seen more than one thousand clients in neurofeedback treatment in over ten years. We provide consultation and training to many other neurofeedback treatment providers.
We do the research, we know the research. Dr. Hirshberg has published reviews of the scientific evidence on neurofeedback treatment in psychiatry and neurology journals and spoken at national and international meetings of psychiatrists and psychologists. We have done research with colleagues from Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Ohio State, NYU, and universities from four other countries around the world.
You know how complex the brain is. We will record EEG from 19 sites on your head. Your EEG will be reviewed by a board certified neurologist and analyzed using statistical methods in comparison to the EEG of individuals with no known brain based difficulty. This quantitative study, often called a “brain map” provides us with critical information to guide your neurofeedback treatment.
Together, we will assemble as much information as we can about your difficulties and use this information to guide your neurofeedback treatment. This includes history, psychological testing we do, reports of past testing, a full 19 site EEG and neurological medical and quantitative analysis and, most importantly, your observations about the effects of the training as we work together. We ask you to tell us about changes in 21 different areas of your experience online after every session.
Before you begin, you will put your goals for neurofeedback treatment in writing in very specific terms: what would you consider to be a successful outcome? We refer to these goals frequently as you proceed in your training to assess your progress.
We will tell you if there are better studied treatments you haven’t tried. We will tell you if we are not sure we can help. We will acknowledge when your neurofeedback treatment has not been successful and celebrate with you when it has.
Nor do we. You are skeptical of all the claims made of great and sure success with the newest techniques. So are we. We will use proven research-based neurofeedback treatment strategies. 


Recommended by leading doctors: 'With neurofeedback the child is exercising the nerve pathways that control attention and mental processing. As these neural pathways are exercised, children develop a sense of what concentration feels like, and they get excited about it. After practicing these exercises over a period of time, the pathways involved in attention and learning seem to work more efficiently.' -- William Sears, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine

Neurofeedback has been approved by the FDA for relaxation.