Toddler builds cooperation and self control, but not a single word spoken.

Self control at 16 months My 16 month old granddaughter Ayla sits next to me. She looks at my coffee mug with interest, then looks up at me. She is checking for permission. I just shake my head. I don't say a word. She responds almost immediately by turning her gaze away from the mug onto something else nearby of interest to her.  Deal done. Problem solved. Moving on. We communicated clearly. She cooperated with me and practiced self control [...]

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Do you have your thoughts, or do your thoughts have you?

Help! I'm stuck. At one time or another, this has probably happened to you:  you get mentally stuck.  Unable to move on. Locked in a repetitive mental loop. Ruminations, repetitive thoughts, "stuck" ideas, automatic thoughts: this experience is common to several different kinds of suffering. Your thoughts have you, instead of you having them. It feels as though you can't stop thinking about something.  This is common to obsessive compulsive disorder, autism spectrum disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression (for many [...]

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