Neurofeedback Tale: Off Meds, On Target, Learning, and Happy

"A trajectory of small miracles" Cam's mom tell us the story of her son's growth and improvement with neurofeedback for his ADHD and other symptoms. The story is long, but well worth the time: "Cam’s neurofeedback has yielded a cascade of successes. Thanks to his sessions, Cam experiences things more fully, is starting to grow into himself with more ease, and expresses himself better. A trajectory of small miracles you could say. Cam's complexities We had pursued a number of [...]

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Shrink Tricks: Become an expert conversationalist in 6 easy steps.

Many teens and adults with Autism spectrum disorders or Aspergers or Non-verbal learning disability avoid conversations out of fear that they won’t know what to say. This fear usually is based on lots of experience. They may try a few stock scripted questions, but those rarely get you very far. After all, few conversations are sustained over topics such as the weather or your favorite movie or book, despite what your social skills instructor told you. Scripting just doesn't work very [...]

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