Helping your stormy, anxious child

Imagine this: It starts to storm outside. The thunder is loud. It is shaking your home. It's bothering you. So you go outside and say in a calm but authoritative voice: “Stop that.” But the storm continues anyhow. So you say more firmly, “Stop that right now. Just stop.” The storm ignores you again. It continues to storm.  You are getting angry now! You say in a very loud voice: “I said stop that right now. I mean it: No more. This ends now.” When [...]

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Schedule a Hurricane

It was striking. We heard this from many of our families - life was better in many ways when we lost power for several days after Hurricane Irene hit New England.  The pace of family life was slower. There was more togetherness, more communication, more interaction, instead of each individual lost to a screen. Everyone got to bed earlier, slept better, and felt better the next day. So we suggest: reclaim your family.  Schedule a hurricane. Schedule time every week [...]

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Effective ADHD Treatment With Play?

Are you concerned about putting your preschooler on medication for ADHD? Wondering if there is any effective alternative to meds? Many parents of young kids are.  A recently published study done at Queens College of the City University of New York showed lasting improvement in ADHD symptoms in preschoolers after 5-8 weeks of a new treatment program. In this treatment or training program, the preschoolers and their parents play for 30-45 minutes a day specially designed games that help to [...]

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