Finally a brain test showed which medications would help.

Trial and error medication: Even in the hands of the very best psychiatrists, prescribing medication is a trial and error process. The doctor evaluates patterns of symptoms, makes a diagnosis, then prescribes a medication that research has shown, on average, to be helpful to those with that diagnosis. But there's a rub: For most disorders, there are multiple medications that have been found effective. And no medication has been found to be effective for all individuals with that disorder. Individuals [...]

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Do you have your thoughts, or do your thoughts have you?

Help! I'm stuck. At one time or another, this has probably happened to you:  you get mentally stuck.  Unable to move on. Locked in a repetitive mental loop. Ruminations, repetitive thoughts, "stuck" ideas, automatic thoughts: this experience is common to several different kinds of suffering. Your thoughts have you, instead of you having them. It feels as though you can't stop thinking about something.  This is common to obsessive compulsive disorder, autism spectrum disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression (for many [...]

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Feeling safe, finally. A great start in neurofeedback treatment of PTSD.

How do you get over traumatic experiences?  How can you come to feel safe, when brain networks that alert you to danger stay turned on at high volume because of trauma? We know that for many people, this is extraordinarily difficult.  We know that for many people, traditional talk therapy is limited. “Sally”, a forty seven year old woman, began neurofeedback last week after more than a year of psychotherapy and a lifetime of struggling with anxiety and depression. She was diagnosed [...]

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