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Surprises As Treatment for Aspergers Syndrome

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Most kids on the autism spectrum hate unexpected events. They detest surprises of any sort. Their bother scales rise rapidly when things turn out differently than they anticipated. Life at Camp Kindred often helps our kids learn a new lesson. One example occurred during Family Day 2012. The first session of Camp Kindred 2012 ended with Family Day. Camp Kindred is our summer day camp for kids with high functioning autism, Asperger's Syndrome, or Non-verbal learning disability. Family Day was [...]

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Schedule a Hurricane

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It was striking. We heard this from many of our families - life was better in many ways when we lost power for several days after Hurricane Irene hit New England.  The pace of family life was slower. There was more togetherness, more communication, more interaction, instead of each individual lost to a screen. Everyone got to bed earlier, slept better, and felt better the next day. So we suggest: reclaim your family.  Schedule a hurricane. Schedule time every week [...]

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Effective ADHD Treatment With Play?

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Are you concerned about putting your preschooler on medication for ADHD? Wondering if there is any effective alternative to meds? Many parents of young kids are.  A recently published study done at Queens College of the City University of New York showed lasting improvement in ADHD symptoms in preschoolers after 5-8 weeks of a new treatment program. In this treatment or training program, the preschoolers and their parents play for 30-45 minutes a day specially designed games that help to [...]

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The Minor Miracle of Just Belonging

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Hey guys, wait for me! A group of Camp Kindred campers heads back to the main lodge after some time at the waterfront. One is a little slower to get on his shoes and calls out to the rest, "Hey guys, wait for me." The kids turn and look back, and pause until their friend can join them.... This would be a perfectly ordinary occurrence at most summer camps. No one would give it a thought. But for the staff [...]

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Neuroscience reveals rat telepathy

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Our clients often tell us how amazing they find the neurofeedback process. Instantaneous guidance by brain activity? Changing brain activity based on rewards? Exciting new neuroscience research takes this several steps further. Imagine having your behavior guided by someone else's brain! Here is the study: two rats have tiny electrodes implanted in the part of their brain that governs motor responses. The rats are on two separate continents. In their cages are two levers, each with a light above. Both rats [...]

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Kid’s with Aspergers talk too much.

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Kids with Asperger's talk too much. They are so wrapped up in thinking about what they want to say that they ignore all of the non-verbal cues they need to know in order to talk with someone: How long. How loud? How complicated..... At Camp Kindred, we help them learn to talk less, and look more. Here is an example, described in a favorite memory from 2012 counselor Laura Martorelli: "One of my favorite memories was when a camper came [...]

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Duct tape will save your marriage.

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Have you ever found yourself saying the same thing over and over when you are “discussing” an issue with your spouse? You think if you just say it one more time, he (she) will finally get it! Or maybe if you say it louder, or more emphatically. With more conviction, more feeling… It doesn't work does it? We all “get dumber" when our emotions are intense. We become too "bothered" to think straight. It’s as if there is a fuse [...]

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Feeling safe, finally. A great start in neurofeedback treatment of PTSD.

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How do you get over traumatic experiences?  How can you come to feel safe, when brain networks that alert you to danger stay turned on at high volume because of trauma? We know that for many people, this is extraordinarily difficult.  We know that for many people, traditional talk therapy is limited. “Sally”, a forty seven year old woman, began neurofeedback last week after more than a year of psychotherapy and a lifetime of struggling with anxiety and depression. She was diagnosed [...]

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Traumatic brain injury: Football and boxing, sure. But soccer?

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There’s lots of buzz about the risk of concussion in football. Some interesting solutions are being studied, like a football helmet with built in sensors that measure the force of impacts and can signal the need to assess for concussion. Another great solution is the routine use of computerized neuropsychological tests, before any injury to serve as a baseline comparison, and then after a blow to the head to detect traumatic brain injury. Testing is done before the athletic season begins to establish [...]